About AWBF

          The Afghan Women’s Business Federation is an independent and nonprofit Organization, established in 2005 and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Afghanistan on November 25, 2007. AWBF is a democratic, non-political women lead organization that was created by group of intellectual business women to help Afghan women entrepreneurs participate in the transition of the country’s economy from a state-controlled system to a free market system. Structurally AWBF is a combination of business associations, women’s SMEs and communities whose aim and objective are the provision of high quality services for woman in the country. AWBF provides much required business instruction services to Afghan women and has increasingly expanded its membership, and thus it currently represents 170 associations. It has developed its internal management and control systems to set it on a path towards growth. A large number of women business associations have received small grants which have transformed their abilities to provide training and services to their members. Under guidance from Aid to Artisans, a network of business development centers have made solid progress, and the “Afghan Mark” program has generated high visibility about the difficult circumstances faced by women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan. AWBF sub offices are currently active in Mazar-e-Sharif, Bamyan, Jalalabad, Uruzgan, Herat and Badakhshan Cities of Afghanistan.


          AWBF works in close collaboration with Afghan women to help them establish and lead successful businesses that would be conducive of producing high quality products and services that are seeking ever-increasing shares of local, regional, national, and international markets.


          AWBF serves as the umbrella Organization for Afghan women-owned and operated enterprises in Afghanistan. AWBF offers capacity building, management development, marketing and promotion, assistance with product design and production, and a comprehensive menu of other services, so that women-owned businesses in Afghanistan can effectively compete in local, regional, national, and international markets.


•     To create good communication and support systems for associations with national and international, government, nongovernmental Organizations and local community members.
•     To establish linkages with other national & international Organizations and to outreach to the global market.
•     To establish and provide advance business trainings in 7 zones of sub offices in Afghanistan.
•     To create business opportunities for Afghan women / Associations in order to decrease poverty level.


•     Developing strategy for long term support of various donors and support for self sustainability and stable growth of the organization.
•     To focus on sustainability of member organizations/associations and develop plans for each major AWBF component.
•     To obtain qualified focused international best practice expertise for association development.
•     To continue focus and strengthening Afghan Mark programme and explore options for distributions of Afghan Mark revenue within AWBF.
•     Developing linkages with Afghan and international donor credit options and funding raising.
•     Following AWBF training and ToT offering employment job opportunities for members.
•     To improve capacity of afghan AWBF member (carpets, textile and jewelry) through design center.
•     Obtaining increased technical assistance for members on quality control, management and governance and facilitate opportunities to form sister organization/cooperative.
•     To improve skills of AWBF members in proposal writing, legal data base, accounting system and financial reporting and other skill according to need assessment.
•     Technical assistance in advocacy for specific issues alone and in alliance (new model of finance –loan guarantees programs.)
•     Expanding AWBF reach within Afghanistan to 7 regions on the base, depending on security situation, and strengthen existing regional offices to build the network of business women for development o f members