AWBF Membership Department


          The Afghan Women’s Business Federation’s membership department has been structured since the formation of AWBF as an essential department that encompasses economic activities of women’s entrepreneurs.

AWBF membership department has been playing a key role in coordination and articulation of economic activities of women businesses in the context of capacity building, strengthening relations with national and international markets.

It also relates women’s businesses to the AWBF Training Department, Trade Development Department as well as access of businesses to finance e.g. banks, MFIs and donors.

Furthermore, this department takes an active part in line with AWBF - Resource Mobilization Department to advocates for the rights of women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan.


Benefits of Becoming a member:

to become a member of AWBF individuals, companies and other stakeholders will benefit from the following entitlements:

  • AWBF will issue a membership Certificate/card.
  • AWBF will include the company name in the Federation website/directory in alphabetical order.
  • AWBF will provide capacity building interventions for the members in form of trainings on building profile, developing business, mapping success, accessing markets and how to access local and international trade and social markets.
  • As an umbrella organization AWBF will provide Legal defense for the right of the member companies.
  • AWBF will promote its member companies to be able to access to open markets in Afghanistan and through foreign countries in particular those of Europe and America.
  • Companies dedicated to show progress for their capacity building will be nominated and or selected to attain funds as AWBF sub-recipients for AWBF awarded grants and or projects.
  • AWBF will Introduction its member companies to national and international trade and investment promotion Exhibitions.
  • AWBF will hold some official trade meetings with foreign delegations and will organize meeting with individual members to connect companies and the delegations for mutual areas of interest.
  • Donors, stakeholders and members can access AWBF directory for information related to women economic growth and opportunities at national and international level.


Membership Categories: the membership categories differ as following:


Membership Criteria

Membership Fee for 12 months

  1. Members who will benefit from AWBF services and will have access to Information
    1. Association
    2. Companies
    3. Small Business


  • USD $ 250
  • USD $ 500
  • USD $ 125


  1. Members who will only have access to Information
    1. NGOs
    2. Donor Agencies
    3. Private Investment enterprises
    4. International Organizations


  • USD $ 500
  • USD $ 1000 up to 3000
  • USD $ 500
  • USD $ 3000


  1. Individuals Male/ Female

      USD $ 75 up to 125


How to become a member:

Those interested to attain/renew membership with AWBF are kindly requested to contact us at or  by sharing their company profile or CVs you can also contact us at 0799 315743 to talk directly with our membership officer in case of any need.