AWBF Resouce Mobilization

          Much of AWBF’s Resource Mobilization & advocacy department work is directed towards areas that are still likely to attract donor support – strengthening the involvement of women in the economy; enabling women to have a stronger economic base; offering broader income diversity and self-support; strengthening families; broadening economic engagement beyond Kabul. However, AWBF aims to lift the proportion of income that comes from its members, to give it greater security in the medium term. It will do this through:

•     Membership income - increasing overall numbers, raising the proportion of members who pay, keeping members over a longer period and having a clearer system of membership levels
•     Exhibition levies – by increasing the volume of sales at exhibitions and seeking more permanent exhibition or sales opportunities
•     Services that members will pay for beyond the basic membership fee (such as website promotion)
•     A funding model for the regions that encourages regional offices to secure local income
As well as promoting members, AWBF will develop knowledge of its members to:
•     Be the voice of women businesses - advocating programmes and actions to strengthen women’s involvement in business
•     Keep members informed of developments relating to women businesses