AWBF Training Department

          AWBF has a full-fledged Corporate Training Department, to augment the learning and development requirements of its member associations and women's SMEs.

With this Vision in focus, the Training Department's vision is to "Create value through enhanced competencies to women's businesses by enabling members realizes their full potential through innovative and progressive learning initiatives".

Based on the post-training evaluation, AWBF business consultant continuously monitors the effectiveness of the facilitators and relevance of the contents. Alterations / modifications take place on this basis. Similarly Participant assimilation of training is also recorded.

1- Business Development Training in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Badakhshan and Samangan provinces from January to August 2013.
2- Transit Business and Marketing Training 20-21/07/2011.
3- Taxation Law Training workshop on 18-29 2011 In Kabul.
4- Pricing and Marketing training workshop on 05-07/06/2010 Kabul .